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Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world

Overexposure to UV (ultraviolet) radiation is the major cause of skin cancer. Currently, two in three Australians will develop skin cancer before the age of 70.

The UV Index provides information about whether sun protection is required or not. Australians are encouraged to use sun protection when the UV Index is three or above.

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Why Cancer Council UV Meters?

Many Australians believe they should only be concerned about UV radiation when it feels hot. However, you can’t see or feel UV, and sunburn and skin damage often occurs in cooler temperatures.

Our UV Meters give an accurate, visible measure of UV radiation in real time, making them a vital educational tool. Signage which provides information on what the UV Index numbers mean, and what action should be taken to protect from skin damage is included with the purchase of a UV Meter. Having an accurate measure of UV radiation assists with duty of care and work health and safety requirements.

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UV Meter features

Live UV reading

The UV Meters are designed with their own sensor to display the World Health Organization’s UV Index, giving accurate UV levels for each location.

Live data network

Data from each UV Meter is also broadcast live on the My UV website, so data from your UV Meter is available from anywhere in real-time.

Educational signage

Each UV Meter comes with sturdy metal signage explaining what sun protection actions need to be taken depending on the UV levels.

Supporting SunSmart behaviours

Sun protection is required when the UV Index is three or above, the UV Meter shows exactly when this is occurring. This supports SunSmart sun protection policies that help keep people safe.

Display options

UV Meters are available in single or dual-sided versions, making them suitable for installation in a variety of different environments.

Ongoing support

Technical support and troubleshooting assistance is available with the purchase of a UV Meter. This includes remote calibration to ensure that the UV Meter is always reporting accurately.

Frequently asked questions

What is the price of a UV meter?

Single sided UV Meters are $4,500 (+GST), and dual sided units $5,500 (+GST) plus an annual maintenance fee.

Is installation included in the price?

No. The UV Meter has been designed to be self-installed and all installation is done by the purchaser or owner to best suit the location. Therefore, there is no installation fee. The UV Meter is weatherproof and designed to be installed in an outdoor location. UV Meters can be installed on the side of a wall, or on a pole or frame. For the meter to work correctly, it is best that both the UV sensor and solar panel are installed in a location that gets direct sunlight without shading from trees or other building structures. The UV Meter weatherproof housing is created from durable materials, however It is still recommended that the UV Meter is positioned where weather impact risk is low to protect the solar panel and UV sensor.

What are the operating costs?

The UV Meters are solar powered, allowing for installation in locations away from mains power which reduces operating costs. No routine maintenance of the UV meter is required beyond basic cleaning.

Why are UV meters connected to the internet?

Cancer Council UV Meters require internet connection. This allows Cancer Council to remotely monitor and calibrate the meters to ensure ongoing accuracy. Firmware updates can also be delivered to the meter via the internet. UV Meters are connected to the internet via an inbuilt modem using the mobile phone network. Meters come pre-configured with a data plan and require no customer input to connect to the net.

What is UV?

UV is the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. Despite the common misconception that skin damage and sunburn is a result of hot temperatures, we are susceptible to the harsh effects of UV overexposure even in cool weather if the UV level is three or above. We can’t feel ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun and yet it is the major cause of skin cancer. This is what makes it so dangerous and why it is so important for our community to know the UV level, so they can enjoy the sun safely.

Want to know more?

If you’re interested in finding out more or purchasing a UV Meter for your school, early learning centre, workplace, community group or local government, please submit an enquiry and we will be in touch.

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