SunSmart Schools

Skin cancer is one of the most preventable cancers. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation exposure during childhood and adolescence has a big impact on future skin cancer risk. Students are in school when daily UV levels are at their peak, meaning schools are uniquely placed to educate about sun protection behaviour, minimise UV exposure and ultimately reduce a student’s lifetime risk of skin cancer. The national SunSmart Schools program supports schools in creating sun safe environments and promoting sun protection behaviours to students, staff and families.

Support for WA schools

  • The SunSmart Schools program assists schools to minimise over-exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation and reduce the risk of skin cancer by developing a comprehensive sun protection policy.
  • Sun protection resources and curriculum materials, include best practice guidelines for implementation of sun protection in schools.
  • Teachers and staff can access free online professional learning modules at Generation SunSmart.

SunSmart Services

It is recommended that all early childhood education and care (ECEC) and out of school hours care (OSHC) services develop and implement a comprehensive evidence-based sun protection policy to reduce UV exposure and associated risks.

Research shows services with a written sun protection policy have the greatest number of children and staff protecting themselves from the sun.

The national SunSmart Services program aims to minimise exposure to UV radiation from the sun during the early years. SunSmart membership is associated with significant improvements in the quality of policies and strategies to reduce sun exposure.

Support for WA ECEC and OSHC services

  • The SunSmart Services program assists ECEC and out of school hours care services to minimise over-exposure to UV radiation and reduce the risk of future skin cancers by developing and implementing a comprehensive sun protection policy.
  • Sun protection resources and learning activities to educate staff, parents and children on how to Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek and Slide.
  • Educators and staff can access free online professional learning modules at Generation SunSmart.

SunSmart fashion

Since 2011, the SunSmart team at Cancer Council WA has partnered with Perth universities and technical colleges to produce a SunSmart garment, showing how to incorporate sun protective elements into fashion design.

SunSmart are currently working with fashion students at Curtin University, who are given the challenge to design a fashionable garment for young people that combines style with excellent sun protection. The winning design is manufactured and is sold at Ruck Rover General Store in Northbridge.

The winning design for 2023 is by Daniella Steyn. Read more about Daniella’s design here.

SunSmart sports

Many of us are engaged in outdoor sports or activities, however with the physical and mental health benefits also comes the risk of skin damage.

Outdoor sports often means we are exposed to UV radiation for long periods when UV is at its peak. However, it’s easy to make some simple changes to keep you and your club safe.

Find the top tips, resources and policies to help you on your way.

Protecting workers from UV

Working outdoors put you at higher risk of skin damage and skin cancer. Employers and workers can play a role in staying safe in the sun at work.

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