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Overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation causes wrinkles and skin and eye damage, ultimately leading to skin cancer.

UV cannot be seen or felt. It is not like the sun’s light which we see, or the sun’s warmth (infrared radiation) which we feel. Our senses cannot detect UV so it can be damaging without us knowing.

The SunSmart Global UV app provides reliable at-a-glance real-time and forecast UV levels for locations across Australia and the world. Whether you are staying in Australia in summer or escaping winter to travel abroad, use the SunSmart Global UV app to check the UV rating every day and ensure you are protecting your skin from harm.


  • UV and sun protection alerts each day.
  • Option to create unique alerts that suit your schedule and location.
  • Access worldwide UV levels which can be tailored to your specific location, providing clear guidance on when sun protection is and is not required.
  • Seven-day forecast of sun protection times and weather information.
  • Available in eight languages including English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Chinese, German, Italian and Russian. 
  • Live UV levels across Australia and the world.

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