Improve your long game

A SunSmart program for Western Australian golf clubs

Improve your long game is a FREE sun protection program by Cancer Council WA. The program aims to improve sun protection behaviours by providing free sunscreen at the 1st and 10th tee. Clubs will also receive further information, resources and support on reducing skin cancer risks to benefit their players.

Improve your long game originated in 2015 from Cancer Council NSW and has made a positive impact to both players and golf clubs throughout the state. Now in over 200 NSW golf clubs, feedback from the program shows golfers at participating clubs are more likely to know the risk of skin cancer and use sun protection than golfers at non-participating clubs.


The importance of reducing skin cancer risk in golfers

  • 95% of skin cancer is caused by ultraviolet (UV) radiation and UV levels are high enough to damage unprotected skin most days of the year
  • Golfers spend long periods of time in the sun during peak UV periods
  • There is limited shade on golf courses
  • Grass, sand, water are high reflectors of UV radiation.

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