Wes Bonny’s Story

Wes Bonny’s story

Wes Bonny was an outdoor-loving 26 year old who died of melanoma. Wes’s story demonstrates that melanoma can affect people even from a young age. Wes did things that many Australians do, such as playing sport, going to the beach and enjoying the outdoor Australian lifestyle. He was diagnosed with melanoma when he was just 23 years old. The melanoma was removed but it was already in his bloodstream and later spread to his brain. Now Wes’s parents, brothers and friends share their experiences of Wes’s life, diagnosis and death.

Wes Bonny’s story challenges all Australians to think carefully about sun protection. Reduce your skin cancer risk by protecting your skin. Use as many of these SunSmart tips as you can when you’re outdoors and check the important UV Index on the free SunSmart app. Cancer Council WA’s website has information about how to examine your own body for skin cancer and what to look for.

Originally developed by the Cancer Institute NSW, Cancer Council WA gratefully acknowledges the permission of Wes’s family to run the campaign here in Western Australia.

What Wes Bonny’s experience can teach us.

Avoiding skin cancer means covering up while we are outside in the sun.

It is also about looking for the signs of skin cancer regularly.

This video shows some great tips for using sunscreen correctly. Remember sunscreen on its own is never enough.

See other great sun protection and skin check ideas below.

Remember UV3.

Cover up when the UV Index is 3 or higher.

Get your UV forecast here.

Plan your time in the sun, defend your skin and check yourself for skin cancer with the tools below.

Click for 5 ways to protect yourself.

Check this, then check yourself.

Know when to protect yourself.


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