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Be SunSmart in Australia this summer with the official SunSmart app for Android and iPhone™.

The SunSmart app lets you know when you need sun protection, making it easier than ever to be SunSmart this summer.

With a few clicks, you get UV level and sun protection times for the day anywhere in Australia, along with the weather forecast, so you can be prepared for the day ahead.

Sun protection times are based on the UV information issued daily by the Bureau of Meteorology. You can set a default Location to quickly access information for your home town. The app also offers a reminder function that alerts the user of their daily sun protection needs, when it’s safe to get some sun for vitamin D and a sunscreen calculator.

SunSmart would like to thank­­ the Bureau of Meteorology for the provision of UV and weather forecast data.

To download, click on the relevant icon below.

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Free UV Alert Widget

Get the widget on your website! It shows the SunSmart UV Alert  (issued by the Bureau of Meteorology) when the UV Index is forecast to reach 3 or above.

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Newman Max Forecast UV 15.2
Mt Maunganui Max Forecast UV 7.7
Dee Why Max Forecast UV 10.8

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