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Cancer Council UV Meters launching soon

We are pleased to announce that we are re-launching our UV Meters, following the popularity of our last release.

After experiencing high levels of interest in our UV Meters, we have been working on enhancing our business plan and support capacity with our business partner.

Now that we are in the final stages of preparation, we are excited to announce that we will be recommencing sales in late 2021!

If you would like to be notified when our UV Meters becomes available, please complete the form below and we will be in touch. 


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Why a UV Meter?

With the high rates of skin cancer in Western Australia, SunSmart WA is always looking for innovative and engaging ways to encourage people to protect themselves from the sun.

Many people believe that solar ultraviolet (UV) radiation is only significant when the weather is hot.  The reality is that in Western Australia, the UV levels can be high enough to cause skin damage most of the year.  UV meters provide a way to know when UV is high or low and when sun protection is needed each day.

UV meters provide an accurate reading of solar UV radiation at your location.  Designed with its own UV sensor, the meter reports the UV level using the World Health Organization’s UV index; a measure of UV strength and skin damage risk.

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Key features

The UV meter is an innovative educational tool; providing an accurate, real-time reading of the solar UV radiation. Some key features include:

  • Solar powered
  • Housed in a weatherproof case, made of powder coated aluminum and polycarbonate
  • A UV sensor detects the UV radiation level every sixty seconds and the highest reading in the last 5 minutes is displayed
  • Large display digits show the current UV level and the accompanying signage indicates what sun protection is required
  • Available in two designs; single sided (display digits on one side only) and double sided (display digits on both sides)
  • Once installed the meter requires very little maintenance other than a superficial clean
  • Metal signage (shown below) explaining the UV Index and what sun protection is required

UV Meter

Housed in a weatherproof case, made of powder coated aluminum and polycarbonate

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Installation options

Installation is not included in the price of the UV meter and is the responsibility of the owner. This is because installation will differ depending on the type of meter, the chosen location and budget.

The single-sided UV meter is designed to be wall mounted on a building, mounted on the side of a wall or mounted on the top of a free-standing pole.

The double-sided UV meter is designed to be mounted on the top of a free-standing pole or built into a custom made ‘H’ frame

Wall mounted

Pole top mounted


“H” frame

Custom “H” frame art installation


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Why are UV Meters connected to the internet?

Cancer Council UV meters require internet connection.  This allows Cancer Council to remotely monitor and calibrate the meters to ensure ongoing accuracy.  Firmware updates can also be delivered to the meter via the net.  UV meters are connected to the internet via an inbuilt modem using the mobile phone network.  Meters come pre-configured with a data plan and require no customer input to connect to the net.

Singleton Primary UV Graph 2

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UV Meters in schools

Schools will find these a valuable tool to support their existing sun smart policy.  Meters remove any confusion about when children need to wear their hats and apply sunscreen.  Data from the meters is downloadable and useful in education programs including maths, IT and science.

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UV Meters in the workplace

If you have staff who work out doors, a UV meter is an ever changing reminder of the need for them to be careful in the sun.  Unlike static signs which become ‘invisible’ after a while, the UV meter retains attention because it changes throughout the day.  It creates interest and conversation about the sun.

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Mounting Dimensions

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