SunSmart fashion

Since 2011, the SunSmart team at Cancer Council WA has partnered with Perth universities and technical colleges to produce a SunSmart garment, showing how to incorporate sun protective elements into fashion design.

2022 marked the eight year of partnership with fashion students at Curtin University, who took up the challenge to design a fashionable garment for young people that combined style with excellent sun protection. The winning design has been manufactured and is currently available for sale at Ruck Rover in Northbridge.

The  winning design for 2022 is by Skyla van Loggerenberg

Skyla says of her design, above:  “I was looking for something very feminine and flowy, yet comfortable and modular. I chose to use bamboo fabric because it’s natural, eco-friendly, and very comfortable. I hope my garment appeals to anyone from late teens to thirties. It’s quite a versatile design, so I think it would suit anyone who wanted to style it.”

Previous winning SunSmart garments are shown below. Congratulations to our past winners: top row (l-r) Anna Koval (2021), Jasmin Jin (2020), Abby Telfer (2019), India Stewart (2018), Aqeela Isaacs (2017), Gracen Woodcock (2016). Bottom row (l-r) Emma Watson (2015),  Lauren Willems, Silvia Dzemail and Cassandra Pittard (2014),  Kristina Tarkova (2013), Nina Grabic (2012) and Damian Pomerantseff (2011).

2021 SunSmart fashion garment2019 SunSmart Fashion Project winning design

2018 SunSmart Fashion Project winning design




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