Mobile UV Meter booking

Cancer Council WA’s mobile UV meter is available for free short term hire.

Mobile UV Meter booking

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The Mobile UV meter can be collected from:

Cancer Council WA head office, Level 1, 420 Bagot Road Subiaco 6008 Ph 08 9212 4333. Parking off Bagot Road under the building.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5pm.


Using the Mobile UV Meter

The mobile meter is solar powered and has its own UV sensor so it is important that when using the meter it is placed in a location free of shadows or shade, as this will distort the reading or reduce the power supply.  It is also important to not put anything on top of the solar panel and UV sensor at any time as these are fragile instruments.

The meter is not designed to be left in wet conditions for prolonged periods, so if it does start to rain please put the meter undercover and out of puddles or pooled water.

To turn the meter on, use the switch located on the side. Once turned on the digits on the front of the meter will flip around slowly, from 1 to 14.  You will see this happen, and this ensures that all the panels making up the digits are working correctly.

You can move the meter at any time while it is running by lifting it using the two leather handles on the top of the meter.

The data is read every four minutes and if the UV level changes during the period the digits will update to the new value.

Turning the meter to ‘off’ when not in use or overnight will help maintain the stored power in the battery while it is not in use. Battery chargers are available for longer hire periods. The battery will self-charge when in the sun.

The mobile UV meter should be stored securely when not in use. Theft and/or damage of the meter is at the hirer’s expense.


If you have any issues or concerns about the mobile meter, please call the SunSmart team on (08) 9212 4333.

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