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Thank you for participating in Cancer Council WA’s Improve Your Long Game program. Your club’s commitment to promoting sun protection will show golfers how to protect themselves from ultraviolet (UV) radiation. It will also help us with our mission to reduce cancer risk by embedding sun protection into every golfer’s day.

Melanoma is the third most common cancer in Australia and in particular, men over 40 are at much higher risk of developing and dying from melanoma than women of the same age. The best way to reduce the risk of developing melanoma is to practice regular sun protection.

Our research shows that Improve Your Long Game works – golfers at participating clubs have much greater awareness of sun protection practices and are more likely to engage in good sun protection habits than golfers at non-participating clubs.

To get the word out to your members and community, these social media tiles and content have been developed for your use.

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Download this Word document of content to accompany each image.

Your club may wish to add the free SunSmart Global widget to its website, or encourage members to download the app.

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