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Wes Bonny’s story

Wes Bonny was an outdoor-loving 26 year old who died of melanoma. Wes’s story demonstrates that melanoma can affect people even from a young age. Wes did things that many Australians do, such as playing sport, going to the beach and enjoying the iconic outdoor Australian lifestyle. He wasn’t trying to get a tan and did his best to protect himself from the sun, but despite his efforts, he was diagnosed with melanoma when he was just 23 years old. The melanoma was removed but it was already in his bloodstream and later spread to his brain. The campaign features Wes’s parents, brothers and friends who recount their experiences of Wes’s life, diagnosis and death.

Wes Bonny’s experience challenges all Australians to be more vigilant about sun protection behaviour. Reduce your skin cancer risk by protecting your skin with as many of these SunSmart tips as you can when you’re outdoors and check the important sun protection times on the free SunSmart app. Cancer Council WA’s website has information about how to examine your own body for skin cancer and what to look for.

Originally developed by the Cancer Institute NSW, Cancer Council WA would like to gratefully acknowledge the permission of Wes’s family to run the commercial here in Western Australia.

The campaign airs during summer across television, radio, outdoor and online platforms.



30 sec television commercials



Extended version


30 second radio commercials


15 second radio commercials




Know when to protect yourself – download the SunSmart app today.


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